About “Candace Hsu”

The Kapor Center is building a future where the tech industry makes a positive impact on culture, society and the economy. We manifest the promise of technology by making the field more diverse, inclusive and better equipped to address society’s tough challenges and big opportunities. Right now there’s an unfair system stagnating innovation and hindering success in tech for Black, Latinx and women entrepreneurs. We challenge this system by educating, connecting and investing in those who bring new ideas, voices and innovations to the table, inspired by their own lived experience.

The problem of diversity and inclusion in tech is complex and there’s no easy solution. That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to closing the gaps in the leaky tech pipeline by understanding the causes, designing solutions and leading change. Our pioneering work ranges from education and community building to research and investing. And we help others do the same so that the future of our field reflects the experience and diverse genius of our country.

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